6 week Bankai Chest Strength and Growth Program

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6 week bankai.jpg

6 week Bankai Chest Strength and Growth Program


What is it to man that the calling of not only a big chest, but a strong one that catches the attention of the Gods.  Here you will understand what it takes to really level up your chest to Final Form, and from then on, “Find A New Limit”.  You will

−     Increase Push Strength

−     Increase Chest Endurance

−     Build A More Complete Chest

−     Increase Chest Size all around

−     Work Yourself Equally to Keep from Injury

−     Find Your Bankai

Program requires basic gym equipment you would find at a 24h our fitness, golds gym, la fitness etc.

Sample Day: (as the reps lower, the weight rises)

BB Bench Press:

“Based of 1rm” 1 (60%) 6 reps set 2 (75%) 4 reps set 3 4 and 5 (80%) 3 reps

incline DB Press: 15/12/8/8

Military Shoulder Press: 10/10/10

Bent over BB rows: 12/8/6/dropset

Incline Bench DB rows: 12/8/8/12

Chin ups: Amrap for 3 sets

Farmers walk: 3 sets (Heavy) 30 sec constant walk

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