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If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.
— Bruce Lee
6 week Bankai Chest Strength and Growth Program

What is it to man that the calling of not only a big chest, but a strong one that catches the attention of the Gods.  Here you will understand what it takes to really level up your chest to Final Form, and from then on, “Find A New Limit”.  You will

−     Increase Push Strength

−     Increase Chest Endurance

−     Build A More Complete Chest

−     Increase Chest Size all around

−     Work Yourself Equally to Keep from Injury

−     Find Your Bankai

Program requires basic gym equipment you would find at a 24h our fitness, golds gym, la fitness etc.

Sample Day: (as the reps lower, the weight rises)

BB Bench Press:

“Based of 1rm” 1 (60%) 6 reps set 2 (75%) 4 reps set 3 4 and 5 (80%) 3 reps

incline DB Press: 15/12/8/8

Military Shoulder Press: 10/10/10

Bent over BB rows: 12/8/6/dropset

Incline Bench DB rows: 12/8/8/12

Chin ups: Amrap for 3 sets

Farmers walk: 3 sets (Heavy) 30 sec constant walk

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Ultimate Athlete 2.0 16 Week Program

(PLEASE DOWNLOAD FROM A COMPUTER AS SOON AS YOU GET PROGRAM) Ultimate athlete 2.0 16 week training is designed for pure dedication and hard work. You get a work out program that breaks down from warm up to strength training into plyo and cardio. A lot have asked is this for fat loss, or maybe even weight gain, the wonderful thing about sports training is it all depends on your diet if you are in a caloric deficit then weight loss best suits you, if opposite then great strength gains and lean mass will be what you obtain, and even for those looking to maintain and better their performance and body composition will see progress from both ends. So athletes non-athletes this is what you have been looking for and its time to reward yourself with hard training better performance and a much better you.

Program requires basic gym equipment you would find at a 24h our fitness, golds gym, la fitness etc.

Sample Day: (as the reps lower, the weight rises)

(warm up)

Dead Bugs: 6

Single Leg glute bridge : 10 each leg x 2

Bird Dogs: 5 each side

Line Jumps: lateral 10 sec / front to back 10 sec

Squat jumps: 10

Power Cleans: 8/6/4/4/4

Single Arm DB Row: 10/10/8/8/6

Chin ups: 15/10/10/10

Power Shrugs: 15/15/15/15

5 150 m Sprints

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The Ultimate Athlete (12 week)

(Please download as soon as you get email) Looking to Burn fat and build Lean muscle?? This is the program for you. Becoming the Ultimate athlete program is dedicated to those who are looking to challenge themselves and pull out their potential. Not only physically but mentality. You will run, jump, lift your heart out with this 12 week program. Jump higher, run faster, increase your endurance, and lift heavier while increasing agility. Do not just become a look, I want people to get in the best shape possible and more importantly be who they want to be and perform how you should. Lets make great progress all around and not limit ourselves to just a great body.

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30 Day Athletic Cutting Program

Ready to lose weight and build lean muscle and maintain strength? This program was designed based off an athletes training. Ever wonder how athletes stay lean but yet still explosive and move like Gods? Its because of training like this. Are you sick of the regular bodybuilding or power lifting training weekly? Well this is the program for you, cut like an athlete and have fun doing it. not only will be cut weight, you will be more athletic as well. ( download program immediately)

Program requires basic gym equipment you would find at a 24h our fitness, golds gym, la fitness etc.

Sample Day:

Day 1 : (As reps drop, weight increases)

Db incline Press: 15/15/12/10

Cable Incline Crossover: 20/20/20/20

Med ball wall press: 15/15/15

Db pull overs: 12/12/12

Lat pull downs:20/15/12/12

Db Single Arm Rows: 15/15/12/8

Neutral Grip Cable Rows:20/20/10/10

Power Shrugs: 10/10/10

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   my TRAINING style

My Style of training is "Performance first, Looks Second". We all lose sight of just how important it is to move, and be internally healthy. So I like to have people bust there butt in the gym and outside to benefit towards both, with what I call "Aesthetically Athletic". Being Strong, being agile, fast, and able to jump higher are goals I set out for everyone, and guess what?  In that process you get six pack abs, lean dense muscle and your body is thanking you for it all.

If you are ready to take your training to the next level, purchase the "Ultimate Athlete Program" at bottom of page.


Based out of New York, I have taken a journey from a low paid employee to a fitness industry public figure. I moved from Texas to New York at the age of 21 looking for the better in life and most importantly, chase my dreams. Over the past years I have gained a fan base of about 500,000 through all my media pages, through my hard work and dedication to my training.  I was given the opportunity to chase one dream which was NFL, trying out for the Jets without any college football experience just based purely off my dedicated hard work over the years.  I would have been the Number one running back at the NFL combine if I was invited, jumping a 44.5" vertical, running a 4.47 40 yard dash, and even better benching 225 lbs for 42 reps at 224 lbs. Even though it did not turn out so great, it lead to another opportunity, a tryout for the WWE, and a new chapter begins. Sometimes one failed dream leads to another, you must learn to never give up.

A few things about me is that I love gaming and anime.  It has been my motivation for fitness, games like Tekken, Ninja Gaiden, Rainbow six, and anime like Dragon Ball Z, Tokyo Ghoul, and Hunter X Hunter.  I have a deeper passion for these things because it is what creates me.  My message to everyone is to not be afraid of who you truly are.  There are millions of people who will accept you for you, not that you should worry anyways, but you are not alone.  

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There is no secret to success, it is a result of hard work, preparation , and learning from failure.
— collin powell

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