30 Day Athletic Cutting Program


30 Day Athletic Cutting Program


Ready to lose weight and build lean muscle and maintain strength? This program was designed based off an athletes training. Ever wonder how athletes stay lean but yet still explosive and move like Gods? Its because of training like this. Are you sick of the regular bodybuilding or power lifting training weekly? Well this is the program for you, cut like an athlete and have fun doing it. not only will be cut weight, you will be more athletic as well. ( download program immediately)

Program requires basic gym equipment you would find at a 24h our fitness, golds gym, la fitness etc.

Sample Day:

Day 1 : (As reps drop, weight increases)

Db incline Press: 15/15/12/10

Cable Incline Crossover: 20/20/20/20

Med ball wall press: 15/15/15

Db pull overs: 12/12/12

Lat pull downs:20/15/12/12

Db Single Arm Rows: 15/15/12/8

Neutral Grip Cable Rows:20/20/10/10

Power Shrugs: 10/10/10

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